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"Gypsies" in Guests of the Sheik: An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village
   by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

Gypsies! I had heard the word several times in the houses of the women recently. "Do they dance?" I asked. "Tell fortunes?" "Of course," said the women. "They are gypsies." "Have you ever seen them? I asked. They looked at me. "No," they said. Bob reported that a troupe of traveling gypsy entertainers was camped somewhere in Diwaniya provice and, one sunny winter day, out for a drive with Jabbar and Khadija, we saw them on the move, thirty people or more in a caravan of donkeys and camels. They were unmistakable, distinguished from all other nomads ...

Romanies in the Middle East (part 1)
   by Donald Kenrick

It is to be hoped that the Indian Institute of Romani Studies will, amongst other things, encourage scholars with a command of Arabic and Persian to have a new look for historical references to Gypsies of the Middle East as well as at their descendants today. It is perhaps the opportune time to look again ...

Romanies in the Middle East (part 2)
The Morphology (Grammar) of 'ben' Romani -
   by Donald Kenrick

The fullest recorded dialect is Domari (Nawar) and for this reason only I have taken it as a model to which other material can be referred. I have kept the original orthography ...

Romanies in the Middle East (part 3)
   by Donald Kenrick

A Tenative Chronology - 226 AD - Ardashir becomes Emperor of Persia, and in 227 AD conquers parts of N. India. The Ka'be-ye-Zardusht inscription suggests the Persian Empire reached Peshawar and the Rann of Kutch by ...

Gypsies in Cyprus
   by Donald Kenrick and Gillian Taylor

Although there are no official records confirming the arrival of Gypsies in Cyprus, it has been estimated by historical calculation that the first immigrants came between ...
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