A Gypsy Dreaming in Jerusalem, by Amoun Sleem

Working with author Virginia McGee Butler, Amoun Sleem has written a book in which she shares about her life as a Dom child in Jerusalem, her family, her dreams for her community, and the establishment of the Domari Society of Gypsies in Jerusalem.

Anat Hoffman, chairperson of the Domari Society, spoke about Amoun saying, "Amoun and the Domari are proof that miracles can still happen in Jerusalem. Against all odds, she is able to become teacher, leader, mentor. Without the benefit of any female leadership role model she invented a unique path and walked it with courage. She pays the highest price for her struggle for her people--she is usually alone on the front lines. Amoun's spirit is a force of nature. She has not succumbed to pressures from all sides 'to be normal,' bend her head, and accept a marginal role. Amoun can't help following her vocation to lift her people from the bottom strata of Jerusalem society. Amoun is one of the bravest people I know. As long as there are Miracles like her in the world one can believe that leadership is a divine gift."

Published in late June, Amoun's book is now available in both print and ebook formats through the publisher Nurturing Faith, Amazon, and other book distributors.

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Dom Note Cards

A set of 6 note cards featuring original color photographs of Middle Eastern and North African Dom.

Actual size: 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches. Blank inside for your personal message. Envelopes included.

Printed by the Dom Research Center. All procedes from the sell of the note cards go to the support of DRC projects in Dom communities.

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A DRC Production

The Dom of Jerusalem:
A Gypsy Community Chronicle

This book is an attempt to introduce the reader to the Dom of Jerusalem and to supply a personal glimpse of an often misunderstood people.

In cooperation with the Dom community of Jerusalem, the Dom Research Center is offering this photographic presentation to readers interested in the Gypsies of the Middle East & North Africa. All proceeds from the sell of the book will be donated to the Jerusalem community to support the development of a community center and its projects. In addition to the photographs, legends of their origin and other basic ethnographic information are included in the book. Release of the work occurred on May 29, 2001 at the Dom Cultural Bazaar in Jerusalem.

Allen Williams, editor/compiler

112 pages; more than 90 photographs

Price:US $10 (shipping included for orders from the US - product shipped from Texas)


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