Tahaddi ("Challenge") in Beirut, Lebanon

Although Tahaddi is not a DRC project the following information is given for those who would like to support this effort. To learn more about the project, see the Kuri article, "A DRC Interview with Dr. Agnes Sanders."

Description: Tahaddi ("Challenge") is a non-profit ministry, supporting the work of Christian medical and social workers in a slum area of Beirut.

Objective: Combat extreme poverty and the difficult conditions it engenders: precarious habitat, malnutrition, infant mortality, illiteracy and violence & despair.

Education: Literacy, wood shop and sewing classes for children from 10 to 13 years of age who have no access to normal schooling. Summer camp at the end of each school year. Bible clubs for children, promoting moral and spiritual values in a climate of tolerance. Adult literacy classes and times of exchange, sharing and counsel.

Health Care: A dispensary with free access to primary care, offering:
Family medicine consultations
Lab work
Practical and financial assistance for hospitalization (orthopaedic, cardiac...)
Hygiene and prevention classes for young mothers
Social Work . . . in Prisons:
Moral and spiritual support during weekly visits to women's prisons
Provision of basic necessities, clothes and medicines
Bible studies with sharing and prayer
English courses
Action "warm sweaters for the shantytown," knitted by the prisoners for the children in the literacy classes Funds Sought for:
School supplies
Salaries for the three teachers
Salary for a part-time social worker
Rental of medico-social center
Grants for surgical operations
Yearly children's camp. How can you help?
By sponsoring a child's literacy scholarship at $20 per month and per child
By giving a special or regular monetary gift for the medico-social work

Contact & Contribution Information:
Catherine Mourtada, Telephone 04/400 250, Ext. 117 Or Agnes Sanders, Telephone 03/299 046 c/o ABTS, PO Box 60, Mansourieh Maten or a bank transfer to "Societe Generale Libano Europeenne de Banque" Mansourieh Branch, account No. 027.001.600.082430.014

"Children of Shatila" Special Project c/o CBInternational 1501 W. Mineral Ave., Littleton, CO 80120 USA Telephone: (800) ITS-4-CBI (gifts are tax-deductible) Europe: Association TAHADDI c/o Annie de SAINT LOUP 'Le Vieux Presbytere' F-53640 LE HORPS Telephone: Account "Tahaddi" no. 18134254000 Cle 36 Credit Agricole de l'Anjou et du Maine Banque 17906 Guichet 00090

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