Dom Scholarship Fund

The goal of this on-going DRC project is to assist Dom young people who desire to further their education through university studies or vocational training programs.

Initial scholarships were awarded in June 2002 for the 2002/2003 academic year. Click here to read a report about the recipients of the scholarships. The number of scholarships awarded each year and/or the amount of each scholarship will increase in proportion to the growth of the fund. Since the establishment of the fund in 2000, approximately $17,200 has been awarded to Dom and Rom students.

Models of educational achievement are needed to foster a positive outlook toward formal education among Dom school children. DRC scholarships are intended to encourage those who seek to advance themselves through education and who will become examples for the youth in their communities. The scholarship fund in conjunction with other educational support programs is one approach to reducing the high illiteracy rate that in many ways hinders the Dom people.

The Board of Directors for the DRC is responsible for managing the scholarship fund, receiving and evaluating applications, and awarding the scholarships. Application information is confirmed through contact with the educational institution and a community leader. The fund is supported by donations from interested individuals and organizations. 100% of each donation goes into the fund with no administrative charges deducted. Currently, scholarship requests are being received for the 2006/2007 academic year. Dom students interested in applying for a scholarship should print out and mail in the on-line form or write to the DRC to receive an application by post.

Contribution Information
Donations to the Dom Scholarship Fund are tax deductible for US tax payers.

Click here for a printable contribution form.

Scholarship Endorsements

"I wholeheartedly support the proposal to create scholarships for young students from the Dom communities of the Middle East and North Africa, which will help to redress centuries of social exclusion, and build links among Gypsy communities."

Prof. T. A. Acton, M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon.), F.R.S.A.
Professor of Romani Studies
University of Greenwich

"Establishment of the Dom Scholarship Fund is a thoroughly worthwhile venture, and one with the full support of the Romani Archives and Documentation Center and the Romani American community.

In the past few years, the Dom people of the Middle East have begun to organize and establish contacts with Romani populations elsewhere in the world, and we have together started to explore our shared Indian heritages. But we are only at the beginning, and there is a very long way to go, not only to retrieve our histories for ourselves, but to document and improve the social and educational situation of Doma everywhere.

The Dom Scholarship Fund will make these things possible. By making access to higher education possible, it will provide members of the Dom community with the means to tackle the pressing issues of health, employment, social and civil rights and maintenance of Domari language and culture for future generations. I urge those who share these concerns to respond to the fund-raising effort generously."

Ian Hancock, Ph.D., DIP.O.A.S. (Lond.)
Director, Romani Archives and Documentation Center

"I welcome the initiative of the Dom Research Center to establish a scholarship fund for Doma to take higher education courses. The Romanies of the Middle East have been neglected by other projects although their situation is in many countries no better than that of the Romany minority in Europe."

Dr. Donald Kenrick

"Gypsies in Jerusalem face many challenges regarding education. Our Gypsy community welcomes this scholarship fund as an encouragement to our young people. Our young people often are unable to continue their studies on the college level because they have no money. Only after working for several years are they able to save enough money to begin. By that time, most of them have given up hope of ever going back to school. Our community needs better education. This is one way our standard of living will be improved and our efforts to help ourselves strengthened. We welcome the Dom Scholarship Fund as a needed educational program for our people."

Amoun Sleem
Dom Community in Jerusalem
Director, Domari: The Society of Gypsies in Israel

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