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"A People Apart: The Gypsy community seeks recognition" Eetta Prince-Gibson, The Jerusalem Post (27 May, 2005)
"Moving In" Yoni Goldstein, The Jerusalem Report (2 May, 2005)
"The Last Migration? Jerusalem's Gypsy Community" Jennifer Peterson, Jerusalem Quarterly File and the Institute for Jerusalem Studies (Issue 18, 2003)
"2001 International Romani Union Report: The Gypsy People of Israel, Gaza & the West Bank" Ariel Eliyahu (2001)
"Gypsies Struggle for Recognition in the Holy Land" Daniel Haas (July 2000)
"Out of Obscurity" Eetta Prince-Gibson , Jerusalem Post (September 2000)
"Where are they now?" Bernard Wasserstein, Jerusalem Post (November 1998)
"Domari: The Society of Gypsies in Israel" Internet Publication (January 2000)
"Very Strange Gypsies" Shafi Gabai (1993)

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