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"Roma thinking big on politics" Kathimerini
(April 28, 2006)
Greek Gov't Bombarded with Accusations of Human Rights Violations Zaman Online
(October 7, 2005)
Rights groups fear new stadium could make Gypsies homeless Cyprus Weekly
(September 2 - 8, 2005)
Gypsies charged Kathimerini
(April 2005)
Five ghettos of Athens Kathimerini
(April 2005)
The Earthquake Victims Kathimerini
(March 2005)
Zephyri Kathimerini
(March 2005)
Gypsy fury at killer cop's release Kathimerini
(March 2005)
"Greece urged to improve rights of minorities" Cyprus Mail
(Nov 19-25, 2004)
Greece 'must help minorities' Kathimerini
(19 Nov 2004)
Greek Migrant Workers Claim They Were Beaten and Denied Wages in Britain Tehran Times
(Feb 14, 2004)
Gypsies back from UK slavery Kathimerini
(Feb 13, 2004)
Promises galore for Gypsies AthensNews
(February 2004)
Gypsies stranded at border AthensNews
(July 2003)
Gypsies still facing uphill battle AthensNews
(January 2003)
Europe's neglected race BBC News
(September 2001)
Gypsies banned from Greek town BBC News
(June 2000)
1999 Report on Human Rights: Greece U.S. State Department Report
(February 2000)
"Premier Promises to Take Greek Gypsies Out of Crippling Poverty" Cyprus Weekly(November 2000)
See the article listings for Greece by the European Roma Rights Center European Roma Rights Center
Gypsy Plight in Evosmos Patrin
(November 1997)
"Life's no Soap-opera for Greek Gypsies" Dina Kyriakidou
Middle East Times
(November 1998)

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