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Gypsies banned from Greek town
BBC News,, June 2000

A town in Greece has published an official document saying that gypsies are not wanted there.

The town, Nea Kos -- a hundred kilometres south of Athens -- says it does not want to accept any gypsies, and has asked those who are in the town to sell their land and leave if they cannot obey the law.

The BBC correspondent in Athens says many Greeks resent gypsies and this was exacerbated in the town by a parking dispute. Town officials say that the Deputy Mayor's car was blocked by gypsies outside the Town Hall.

The ensuing row escalated until the town council issued a new edict saying that it did not want the presence, passage or residence of gypsies until the dispute had been resolved. Town Hall officials said that Greek residents had complained of theft, gunfire and dangerous driving by gypsies.

The local gypsies say it's they who are often the victim of violence; their children are afraid to go to school and shops won't serve them.

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