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Polis parents demand action on hepatitis fears
in Cyprus Mail
Saturday, September 24, 2005

The 341 pupils of the Polis Chrysochous primary school stayed home yesterday after a decision by the Parents’ Association.

The parents are angry at the presence of some pupils they say are known to have hepatitis. They argue there have been many cases of hepatitis A in the school, particularly among pupils from the gypsy community in Makounda village.

The Parents’ Association yesterday called on the Health Ministry to look into the matter not just within the school but also within the area, which they now claim has become a health hazard because of the presence of gypsies in the area.

“The demonstration here at the school is clearly aimed at sending a message to the authorities that we will not endanger the health of our children,” said the Chairwoman of the Parents’ Association of the School, Maria Constantinidou. The parents later met the Mayor of Polis, Angelos Odysseus to talk about the problem.

Officials of the school said the parents’ actions were exaggerated, adding that only one child had been diagnosed with hepatitis A.

The director of the local hospital in Polis told reporters that it a seven-year-old boy had been diagnosed with the illness, but did stress that it was essential that the area, and especially the area of Makiunda where the gypsies have settled, be cleaned up because of the obvious health risks.

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