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More gypsies cross over
in Cyprus Weekly, March 29-April 4, 2002

EIGHT gypsies crossed over into the government-controlled areas last week, saying they wanted to escape an economically depressed occupied north and secure a better future for their families. A husband and wife, who said they are originally from Limassol, but had been living in occupied Trikomo, were picked up by an SBA police patrol near Achna late on Thursday night and taken to Xylotymbou police station. They told police that the situation in Trikomo had gone from bad to worse, because of the presence of the Turkish occupation army and the fact that jobs were becoming increasingly scarce. The couple said they were determined to stay and work in Limassol.

Another batch of gypsies, two married couples, a three-month old boy and a single man, crossed over into the government areas from the Pergamos area. SBA police seized the car of one of the men, because he was driving without insurance or number plates. They also expressed their wish to work in Limassol because of a lack of jobs in occupied Morphou, where they had been living. They said families lived three to a house and only those who were in favour with the occupation regime were given jobs collecting oranges from the Morphou groves owned by Greek Cypriots. One woman said she had worked previously in Limassol and was now determined to make a go of it in the town for the sake of a better life.

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