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Turkish gypsy is to be expelled
in The Cyprus Mail, April 10, 2001

by Jennie Matthew

One of the gypsies who crossed to the free areas in the latest influx from the north has been arrested and will be deported, after police confirmed his identity as a Turkish national, Interior Minister Christodoulos Christodoulou said yesterday. "With some reservation, I can tell you that one of the Turkish Cypriots who arrived here as a Turkish Cypriot has been found to be a Turkish Turk," he said.

Several dozen gypsies have crossed from the occupied areas in the last month. While the government said it would welcome all who could prove they were Cypriot, it warned it would deport any who were not. Christodoulou went on to say that a holding centre for Turkish Cypriot gypsies would be set up somewhere between Nicosia and Larnaca, at least three kilometres away from any built up area, to avoid any problems from local residents. "I will not reveal the place just yet, because of prejudice, which, given that it's three kilometres away from any houses, is not justified," Christodoulou said.


The arrival of the gypsies has caused discomfort among certain residents of the Paphos area, where many have so far been sent. A plan to set up a holding centre in Kotsiatis near Nicosia had to be abandoned last week after protests from angry residents. Justice Minister Nicos Koshis raised security concerns last week by announcing that Turkish spies could be hidden among those drifting in from the north in search of a better life.

(A photo of a tent accompanies this article. The caption reads, "Many gypsies are currently housed in tents in the Paphos district.")

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