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"Gypsies Held"
in The Cyprus Weekly, May 15-21, 1998

Three men, believed to be Greek Gypsies, were still being detained last night in the occupied area [Northern Cyprus]. They were seized by Turkish troops earlier this week in the UN Buffer Zone area near Strovilia.

UN Spokesman Waldemar Rokoszewski told The Cyprus Weekly yesterday that the United Nations had been unable to establish their identity, despite numerous visits.

He said he had no information at all on the three men, but was making every effort to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The Turkish Cypriot authorities' refusal either to let UN personnel visit the three men, or provide details on their identity, was a "tit-for-tat" reprisal for what Rokoszewski said were Turkish Cypriot allegations, that the United Nations had co-operated with Cyprus police during previous arrests of Turkish nationals in the Republic.

Cyprus police reported that three Greek Gypsies from the Limassol area, whom they identified as Costas Demetriou, 35, Georgios Charalambous, 35, and Georgios Alexiou, 26, went missing on the same day that the three men were apprehended by Turkish troops.

Illegal Turkish Cypriot Bayrak Radio confirmed the identities of the three as given by the Cyprus police, while the Turkish Cypriot newspaper, Kibris, reported the trio had been "remanded in custody" for three days.


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