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The Dom of Eastern Turkey: Researching amongst the Gypsies of eastern Turkey Adrian Marsh
(April 30, 2007)
Roma Rights Organizations Work to Ease Prejudice in Turkey Yigal Schleifer
(July 22, 2005)
Turks told to uphold minorities' rights Kathimerini
(Feb 16, 2005)
Roma Demand Broadcast
of Programs in Romani Language
on State Run Television
Turkish Press
(June 22, 2004)
Roma in Turkey:
Settlement Law continue to discriminate Roma
Ana Oprisan, Yahoo News Groups
(November, 2003)
Gypsies in Istanbul, Turkey
"Istanbul?" "Yes, Istanbul"
Karen-Claire Voss, Istanbul
No. 23 (October, 2002)
2001 Report on Human Rights: Turkey
Includes only: "National/Racial/Ethnic minorities" under Section 5: Discrimination Based on Race, Sex, Religion, Disability, Language, or Social Status
U.S. State Department Report
(March 4, 2002)

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