Introduction to the Journal

Purpose/Focus of the Journal and Website

Although a number of articles have appeared regarding the Dom people the overwhelming majority of studies, articles, linguistic analyses and historical investigations have focused on the Roma. The Dom Research Center and its electronic publication, KURI - DRJournal, provide an accessible forum for discussion and publication of materials related to the Dom. At times the discussion will broaden to include other areas where the Dom are found or where the investigation of their history leads. While the DRC Website provides data that allows one to survey the larger arena of Dom research, the journal houses information produced and/or provided by the Dom Research Center.

From January 2000 until the Fall/Winter 2006, two editions of the Kuri Journal were put on line each year. Beginning in 2009 articles will be posted to the Kuri Journal as they are contributed. Substantive responses to the authors will be posted as well.


The Dom are a very diverse people as illustrated by their sundry dwellings. Today they live in tents, huts, apartments and houses. The name designating the Dom Research Center's journal is a term taken from Domari. "Kuri" is a broad term referring to a variety of dwellings including a tent or a house. The editors of the journal feel that the term captures something of the diversity of this group of people. In turn, the journal is a means by which the diverse nature of the Dom can be elucidated. At times, the reader may see "KURI - DRJournal" as an alternate designation for the journal.


Reviews of KURI Articles

The editors of KURI welcome reviews and comments on all articles. The reviews will be included in subsequent issues of the journal. At the end of each article an e-mail response button is included to assist the reviewer.

Submitting Articles for Consideration

The DRC welcomes the submission of articles for publication in KURI. All types of articles (linguistic, ethnographic, reviews, field and travel notes regarding encounters with Dom) will be given consideration by the journal editor. Articles may be submitted either by post or by electronic file. Note: Please retain a copy of the article to avoid costly return postage.

If submitted by post, send typed manuscript to:

Dom Reseach Center

P.O. Box 121

McComb, MS 39649


If submitted by electronic file send the document in Rich Text Format to:

To receive an e-mail notification each time a new issue of KURI is posted to this web site - send us an e-mail with "KURI NOTIFICATION" in the subject line.