Turkey KURI Journal Articles

Gentrification and Romani Dance in Istanbul   (Vol 3)
by M. Shivaun Corry

Corry describes the negative results of the gentrification projects carried out in Romani communities in Istanbul, Turkey.

Forgotten in the Crisis: The Dom People of Syria and Turkey on the Streets of Diyarbakir   (Vol 3)
by Ana Oprisan

An account of the efforts of the Dom people to survive during the Syrian political crisis.

Roma Family Portrait   (Vol 1 No.9)
by Arjen J. Zwart

A description of a ten-year photographic project of a Roma family living in Istanbul, Turkey. Includes sample photographs.

Overview of the Roma in Turkey   (Vol 1 No.7)
by Ana Oprisan

A summary of the situation of the Roma in Turkey regarding location and identification, language, religion, group identity, and historical references. The articles concludes with an addendum by Adrian Marsh.

The Professional Skills of Gypsies in Instanbul   (Vol 1 No.7)
by Udo Mischek

A paper presented at the 25 September 2002 Romani Studies Seminar Istanbul detailing the contemporary vocational practices of the Roma.

Samples from the Fotograf Vakfz Collection   (Vol 1 No.7)
by Mustafa Ozunal

Photographic samples of Romanlar communities in Anatolia. A presentation at the 25 September 2002 Romani Studies Seminar Istanbul.