Jordan KURI Journal Articles

Alice in Amman    (Vol 3, posted May 2013)
by Hadeel Dawwas

A description of Hadeel's interaction with a Gypsy community in Amman, Jordan, and a young Gypsy girl named Nura.

The Current Situation of the Dom in Jordan: A DRC Update, 2003    (Vol 1 No.8)
by Allen Williams

An expanded version of a paper presented at the International Romani Studies Conference, Istanbul, April 11-13, 2003 outlining basic demographics, social interaction and community leadership among the Dom in Jordan.

The Forgotten Gypsies    (Vol 1 No.5)
by Andrew Ryder

Andrew Ryder of Middlesex University describes the conditions faced by the Gypsies in Jordan and Jerusalem. His remarks are based on interviews he conducted on a trip to the area in July 2000.

An Encounter with the Dom of Jordan    (Vol 1 No.3)
by D. J. Phillips

A recounting of a brief visit in the tent of a Dom family in Jordan.

The Dom of the Middle East: An Overview    (Vol 1 No.1)
by Dr. G. A. Williams

A delineation of the name, origin & migration; people & languages; and lifestyle & religion of the Gypsy peoples of the Middle Eastern countries.