Egypt KURI Journal Articles

Visiting with the Dom Musicians of Egypt   (Vol 2 No.1)
by Kevin Holmes

Two stories from the author's experiences in meetings with two musical Dom families in Egypt.

A Videographic Portrait - An Introduction to the Dom Musicians of Egypt   (Vol 2 No.1)
by Kevin Holmes

Two video presentations that display the performances of several Dom musicians in Egypt.

The Rababah   (Vol 2 No.1)
by Kevin Holmes

A quick look at the origin and history of this unique musical instrument.

Recollections of Nabil Sobhi Hanna   (Vol 1 No.8)
by Bernhard Streck

Personal recollections of Nabil Sobhi Hanna presented at the International Romani Studies Conference, Istanbul, April 11-13, 2003. The conference, sponsored by the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, was held in memory of Nabil Sobhi Hanna and Angus Fraser.

The Dom of Egypt: A DRC Update, May 2002   (Vol 1 No.6)
by Kevin Holmes

An overview of information about the Dom in Egypt augmented by the author's own experiences and travel notes.

Gypsies and non-Gypsies in Egypt: the Zabaleen and Ghagar communities of Cairo   (Vol 1 No.3)
by Adrian Marsh

A summary of the current situation of the two communities, and the development of the designations "Gypsy" and "Zabaleen" as ethnonyms.

The Dom of North Africa: An Overview    (Vol 1 No.1)
by C. F. Thomas

A contour of the history, culture, languages, groups/tribes and countries of the Gypsy peoples of North Africa.