Cyprus KURI Journal Articles

"...spies, deserters and undesirable persons...", the Gypsies of Cyprus, 1322-2003    (Vol 1 No.8)
by Adrian Marsh and Elin Strand

In this article the writers/researchers outline the preliminary findings from their research trip to the Northern area of Cyprus, the aims and objectives. They particularly describe the three groups of Gypsies present on the island, the Ghurbeti or Turkish-speaking Muslim Gypsies, the Mandi or Greek-speaking Christian Gypsies and the Romanlar, Turkish-speaking Gypsies from Anatolia.

The Gypsies of Cyprus: A DRC Update, March 2000    (Vol 1 No.2)
by Dr. G. A. Williams

An update on the recent movement and situation of the Gypsies living in Cyprus. (Photo included)

The Dom of the Middle East: An Overview    (Vol 1 No.1)
by Dr. G. A. Williams

A delineation of the name, origin & migration; people & languages; and lifestyle & religion of the Gypsy peoples of the Middle Eastern countries.