Volume 3

From the Occupation of Iraq to "The Arab Spring": Gypsies in the Middle East
by Kemal Vural Tarlan

A look at the impact of war on Gypsies of the Middle East. Article posted December 27, 2015.

Lom: Still Present
by M. van Rheenen

A general description of the Lom and attitudes toward them. Article posted May 25, 2015.

by M. van Rheenen

A general overview of the Sinti culture. Article posted February 18, 2015.

Gentrification and Romani Dance in Istanbul
by M. Shivaun Corry

Corry describes the negative results of the gentrification projects carried out in Romani communities in Istanbul, Turkey. Article posted October 2013.

Syrian Refugees are being Ignored: The Gypsies
by Kemal Vural Tarlan

Tarlan describes the situation of the Dom people in Syria as they live through the 3 year old political conflict in that country. Article posted May 2013.

Forgotten in the Crisis
by Ana Oprisan

Oprian describes the situation of the Dom people of Syria and Turkey on the streets of Diyarbakir.

Alice in Amman
by Hadeel Dawwas

A description of Hadeel's interaction with a Gypsy community in Amman, Jordan, and a young Gypsy girl named Nura.

The Disappearing “Gypsies” of Benghazi
Personal Diary Entries and Comments

by Tamim H. Fannoush

Diary notes from November 2008 and January 2009 encounters with nomadic groups in Libya and an attempt to establish the identity of the groups.

The Luri People (Sarmastani) of Pakistan
by Zulfiqar Ahmed

An article by a Luri man regarding the Luri ethnic identity and their place in the Pakistani society.

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