Vol 1 No 7 Fall/Winter 2002

"Makus ma, me de Rom sinam"
A Photographic Presentation

by Mustafa Ozunal

On Wednesday the 25 September, the University of Greenwich Romani Studies Seminar and the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul organised the first of a series of seminars looking at identities, ethnicities and gender (at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul). Following an introduction by the Swedish Consul General Ingmar Karlsson who talked about the importance of highlighting the situation and condition of the Romanlar in Turkey, a so called "invisible minority," presentations were made by Dr. Udo Mischek from Leipzig University and Mustafa Ozunal. The following photographs are samples from the photographic presentation by Mr. Ozunal. The photographs were made during a recent journey in Anatolia where he documented the lives and work of various Romanlar communities. (Note: The preceding paragraph was taken from a summary of the 25 September 2002 Istanbul Romani Studies Seminar provided by Elin Strand.)

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Presentation Montage

Abdal Gypsies in Manisa

Abdal Gypsies in Manisa

Field Workers (Onion pickers)

Onion Pickers while working

Blacksmith Portrait

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