Volume 1, Number 6, Spring/Summer 2002:

The Situation of the Roma in Greece
by Cia Rinne with Photographs by Joakim Eskildsen

This article is based on the information and experience gathered during a two month stay with Roma in Greece. The work is part of a book on the Roma of Asia and Europe that will be published in 2005.

The Dom of Egypt: A DRC Update, May 2002
by Kevin Holmes

An overview of information about the Dom in Egypt augmented by the author's own experiences and travel notes.

The Dom of Gaza: A DRC Update, June 2002
by Allen Williams

A basic description of the current situation of the Dom in the Gaza Strip, their interaction with the Palestinians, and their relationship with other Dom groups.

KURI Journal Helps for Readers

An annotated bibliography of two publications about the Gypsies of Iraq and Syria.

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