Volume 1, Number 4, Spring/Summer 2001:

Learning Domari - Unit 3
by Dr. Donald Kenrick

The third lesson of a series on the Domari language.

A DRC Interview with Dr. Agnes Sanders

An interview describing the condition of the Gypsy people in the Shantytown of Hay al-Gharbeh, Beirut. The interview also details some of the social, medical, spiritual and educational projects being carried out.

Stories from a Dom (Gypsy) Woman, Part 3 - The Family
by Amoun Sleem

A continuation of stories about the Dom community in and around Jerusalem. This article describes Ms Sleem's family life and the difficulties faced by Gypsy families.

The Gypsies of Syria: A DRC Update, May 2001
by Allen Williams

A summary of the situation of the Gypsies living in Syria based on the available literature and personal observations of the writer.

KURI Journal Helps for Readers

An annotated bibliography of the literature regarding the Dom in Lebanon and Syria.

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