Volume 1, Number 3, Fall/Winter 2000:

Learning Domari - Unit 2
by Dr. Donald Kenrick

The second lesson of a series on the Domari language. The course is based mainly on the articles by Macalister and material collected by Marielle Danbakli in Syria.

An Encounter with the Dom of Jordan
by D. J. Phillips

A recounting of a brief visit in the tent of a Dom family in Jordan.

Gypsies and non-Gypsies in Egypt: the Zabaleen and Ghagar Communities of Cairo
by Adrian Marsh

A summary of the current situation of the two communities, and the development of the designations "Gypsy" and "Zabaleen" as ethnonyms.

Stories from a Dom (Gypsy) Woman, Part 2 - Settlement in Jerusalem and the Surrounding Area
by Amoun Sleem

A continuation of stories about the Dom community in and around Jerusalem. This story describes their settlement in Jerusalem and some events during the Six Day War.

KURI Journal Helps for Readers

An annotated bibliography of the literature regarding the Dom in Gaza, Israel, Jordan and the West Bank.

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