Volume 1, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2000:

Learning Domari - Unit 1
by Dr. Donald Kenrick

The first Domari lesson of a series. The course is based mainly on the articles by Macalister and material collected by Marielle Danbakli in Syria.

Stories from a Dom (Gypsy) Woman - The Dom Community of Jerusalem
by Amoun Sleem

Some introductory comments by Ms Sleem regarding the Dom community in Israel. Some of her personal stories about life as a Dom (Gypsy) woman will be in subsequent issues of KURI.

Domari: the Society of Gypsies in Israel
by Amoun Sleem

A transcript of Ms Sleem's speech which she gave at the launching of Domari: the Society of Gypsies in Israel.

The Gypsies of Cyprus: A DRC Update, March 2000
by Dr. G. A. Williams

An update on the recent movement and situation of the Gypsies living in Cyprus. (Photo included)

DRC Update on the Dom of Lebanon
by Dr. G. A. Williams

An update on the current situation of the Dom living in Lebanon (particularly in Beirut and the Bekaa Valley)

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