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Promoting Cultural Awareness and Community Enhancement



Established in 1998, the Dom Research Center is an internet-based source for promoting the Dom culture found in the Middle East & North Africa.

Preservation and promotion of the Dom culture is provided through:

  • maintaining a physical and virtual research library (Books, Articles, Photographs & Reports)
  • developing language study resources for Domari (Dictionaries, Grammars & Audiotapes)
  • engaging in field research throughout the Middle East & North Africa
  • publishing the on-line KURI - Journal

Community Enhancements efforts include:

  • Maintaining the DRC Relief Fund to meet emergency, short-term food, clothing and medical needs
  • Maintaining the DRC Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to Dom young people who desire to further their education through university studies or vocational training programs
  • Engaging in Development efforts in collaboration with Dom leaders as they address issues relevant to their communities and seek long-term, sustainable solutions

DRC Board of Directors:

  • Bobby Broyles, Chair
  • Grant Lengefeld
  • Mary van Rheenen
  • Janet Stelly
  • Allison Tennyson
  • Jane Toppert

  • Allen Williams, Executive Director
  • Amoun Sleem, Consultant
  • Daniel Hart, Registered Agent


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